When adjusting go.Pie font size the pie chart shrink or overlaps with figures


I am new to Python, I am produced a pie chart but it seems when I try to adjust the text size the pie chart all changes to either a very small view or a overlapping view. I would like to modify the chart so that the code is reasonably large as well as the code as there is a lot blank spacing.

My code is;

The pie chart output are:

Many thanks

Hi @Dashz, welcome to the Plotly community!

If you want to keep the horizontal orientation of your legend Iā€™d suggest you can increase the height of your plot like so:


Otherwise, having your legend vertically oriented might also improve the overall layout and readability.

Hi @jhupiterz ,

Thank you so much for your help this really helped me to adjust the pie chart and now it fits well.

Many thanks, have a nice and safe rest of your weekend.

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