What's the color scheme applied for the demo code in "A Minimal Dash App"?

Does anyone know the dark color scheme used for the demo code in A Minimal Dash App?

I like the contrast of the colors as applied that highlights different code components quite effectively, especially for people like me who have color-vision-deficiency.


Hi @oat

Are you looking for a way to display code in an app, or in your IDE?

If it’s in an app, here is how to to customize the theme of the code using a dcc.Markdown component:

Note that the style in the docs is set with the Dash Enterprise Dash Design Kit. If you inspect the code element in the browser you can see it’s the GitHub light theme with some extra CSS applied.

If you are looking to apply that theme in an IDE, I’m not sure you can duplicate it easily, however most IDEs have a way to customize the theme.

Yep, as mentioned by @AnnMarieW , if you want a similar colorscheme in Pycharm, for instance, you can install the Atom Dark, or “One Dark” theme.

Or many others available here:

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