What is the max size of an image that can be uploaded with dcc.Upload

I got an error when I tried to upload a 2MB image saying that the entity was too large. What is the max image size that can be uploaded with dcc.Upload and can it be increased?

Hi there,

dcc.Upload does not have a max size by default and should be able to handle 2mb. What does your dcc.Upload code look like?

max_size (number ; default -1 ): Maximum file size in bytes. If -1 , then infinite.


Hi @ray26,

If you need to upload big files, Iā€™d recommend you use @np8ā€™s dash-uploader. By default, you can upload 1GB of file simultaneously, but this number can be adjusted. It also has a built-in progress bar which can help you track the completion of your upload. You can see more here: GitHub - np-8/dash-uploader: The alternative upload component for python Dash applications.