What is the "events" argument in the app.callback decorator?

Hi all,

Loving Dash, it’s only taken me a week to get some pretty awesome dashboards going but I’ve got a bit stuck trying to understand the events argument in the app.callback decorator, probably due to my own failure to spot the obvious.

I’ve seen people use the events argument by using the dash.dependencies.event object and refer to the id of a dash_core_components.interval object to get live updates. But I can’t seem to find any documetnation on dash_core_components.interval here or generally what the events argument does.

If you could point me in the direction of documentation or source code or mark this as a duplicate of some other question (I did search but couldn’t seem to spot anything exactly) that could help explain it I’d be appreciative.

Thanks in advance!

Event is deprecated (it wasn’t the right abstraction). So, we’ve exposed all of the events through properties. For example, instead of a “click” event, there is the n_clicks property. Instead of interval event, there is n_intervals.

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Thanks for the info!