What is the difference between a plotly theme and templates?

I’m sure this question has been asked a 100 times, but I simply do not understand the difference. I have read multiple descriptions but they all sound the same. I even went to the OpenAI ChatBot and asked. It gave me the following explanation. Its as good a description as one can except, but I still don’t understand the difference. It sounds the same.

I should say what I’m looking for. I love plotly, but I dislike spending time designing the aesthetic look of plotly charts. But I would like for them to look beautiful, because the default look is unpleasant. I was hoping there might exists somewhere on the web a databases of 1000x built in professional looking charts that I might select for myself.
Thank you.

My experience is they are mostly the same, they both deal with styling plots.

I think templates deal with more of the actual plot structure itself. Things like axes, titles, legends etc whereas themes are more of the overall color, fonts, background colors, lines, borders etc.

There is some reference material people have built to handle templating and themes:
Dash Bootstrap Themes
Dash Mantine
Dash Building Blocks
Material UI

Should be something in these docs that can help you with the plots.

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Thank you for the explanation.