What is axis.d2l(point.x)?

I see in the annotation example for styling (last one I think) code like

newAnnotation = {
x: point.xaxis.d2l(point.x),
y: point.yaxis.d2l(point.y),

I get that point.??? is coming from the event being fired, but what is d2l etc about? I don’t see any mention of it in the docs but it shows up in a few example codepens.

Thanks in advance!

d2l stands for data to linear coordinates. Those axis methods are part of the official API (yet), so use them at your own risks.

Thanks Etienne.
Can you explain what x: point.xaxis.d2l(point.x), achieves?

I assume you meant to say that they are NOT official? BTW if they are not official, it seems wrong to use them in official examples (https://plot.ly/javascript/text-and-annotations/#styling-and-formatting-annotations) !