WebGL for non-scatter plots

I have a dataset with ~80k points, and I planned on creating a box plot over different categories.
When plotting, I got a UserWarning saying it’s impossible to plot over 40k points, and reading through the suggestions, I tried to create a WebGl graph.

Apparently, however, there’s only scattergl and no other graph available using WebGl. Am I correct? Are there any go-arounds in case I still want to plot a dynamic box plot with more than 40k points?


Hi @guy,

Yes, you’re right that there is no WebGL accelerated box plot. WebGL is only really needed for plot types that don’t aggregate the data points. I think the end of the warning message you’re seeing says

If the visualization you're using aggregates points
(e.g., box plot, histogram, etc.) you can disregard this warning

Is the plot itself not successfully rendering after the warning is displayed? The warning isn’t supposed to stop the plot from rendering. And if you want to hide the warning, check out Python’s warning control functionality https://docs.python.org/3/library/warnings.html.