Waterfall graph margins

I`m having problems to understand how to set the layout of the waterfall graphic in order to show some values that are cut in the margings.

I tryed changing the margins but it only change the marging outside the graph (the title and the description of each bar).
Thanks in advance.

Ann Marie gave me a solution: after increasing the height value in the layout style, the values are correctly shown.
But the problem is that it needs a minimum height of 450px.
I wanted to show it in a lower space.
If someone knows how to reduce the entire graph I’ll appreciate the help.

@Eduardo - You might try Waterfall(cliponaxis=False): https://plotly.com/python/reference/waterfall/#waterfall-cliponaxis

cliponaxis is sort of a workaround property until we solve this properly in https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/issues/2000

Thank you Chris,
Congratulations !!!
Dash is amaizing !!!

I have another issue since I update all my python pakages, the app is facing different beheivors in my PC enviroment that previously did not exist, but when I run the same code in Heroku (with the same requierments) it works properly.
Here is the Heroku app:

And this is what shows in my PC:

It also shows two other errors that do not happend before and do not happen in Heroku.