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Vertical Time series data

Is it possible to plot time series data vertically on a scatter plot? I am able to do this with markers alone, but not with markers+lines on a scatter plot.

Thank you in advance.

@bot What have you tried so far? Have you tried specifying the mode as ‘markers+lines’?

@chiaramdelucia I am just trying lines because that is all I want. But the lines connect the data horizontally (along the X-Axis). I want the lines to be drawn vertically between points with time one the Y-Axis and the value along the X-Axis.

I am looking for similar behavior to the horizontal bar charts, but for a scatter plot. (

@bot I’m not sure I understand exactly what you, unfortunately. Do you want the lines drawn like this:

@chiaramdelucia I am looking for something like in this figure


I am sorry I am having trouble explaining, but I want a normal line plot, but rotatated 90 degrees.

Ah. I think this is just a matter of the axis range. I updated this pen

Notice that the x-axis in layout has a much larger range than the points so that the data is visualized in a vertical manner.

@chiaramdelucia Thank you for helping me! Ends up it has been working all along, but I was so zoomed out that the data looked bad. So I do not have any problem.

I added a fill and it made the plot a lot more clear on what was going on.

Sorry for wasting your time.

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Not a waste at all. I got some good stuff out of the process myself :slight_smile: Glad it’s all worked out!