Values get replaced during api_create() in R


I have a problem during export of my plots from R using api_create() function. All my values (no matter if defined as numerics, characters or factors) always get replaced by numbers starting at 1. My ggplot as well as ggplotly outputs in R always look ok and the issue always happens during API export.
I have been able to reproduced this even when using this code in tutorials (

df <- data.frame(x = sample(LETTERS[1:10], size = 1000, replace = T),
y = sample(1:100, size = 1000, replace = T),
group = sample(letters[1:5], size = 1000, replace = T))
p <- ggplot(df, aes(x, y, color = group)) +
geom_point() +
geom_jitter(width = 1, height = 1) +
ggtitle(“geom_jitter: scatterplots”)
p <- ggplotly§
api_create(p, filename = “p”)

This is my ggplotly output in R

And this is the result online:

I really appreciate any help and please, excuse me, if I overlooked this issue in any previous posts.