Using the new Mapbox globe view feature

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was a way to use the Mapbox globe projection they announced this summer? (3D Globe Map: A new way to experience the world)

It would be great feature to have in some of the dash apps I’m creating!

Thanks in advance!

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hi @dig

no, I don’t think we have a way to use the Mapbox globe projection directly through Plotly.

Hi @adamschroeder, eight months down are there any plans to introduce this functionality? Or can you advise on any workarounds?

hi @this_josh
No, we do not have plans to add the mapbox globe feature anytime soon. We have other fixes and features that we have decided to prioritize, given their potential for impact.

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After looking into it, it seems that this is not possible as Plotly cannot use the Mapbox version required due to licencing issues.

Five years ago with a bit of code (old plotly style) we plotted 3d maps here: b'Heatmap plot on a spherical map | empet | Plotly'
and here Surface Precipitation Rate AnomaliesDec 2017-Jan 2018 | surface made by Empet | plotly