Using Store Component to save Uploaded Images to then display in other pages


I just started using dash for a project and I need to be able to Store multiple images on the main page to then use on other pages, so multi page app, I believe.

I have done the tutorials and seen both the Upload component and store component, but as a person who hasnt really worked much with json and has never worked with React before and has never done a web page with callbacks its been a little confusing and I cant wrap my head around where to even begin on doing that.

Any help, suggestions, videos, or other tutorials to read to figure out how to even begin on building that simple dash callback would be greatly appreciated.

I believe it would be something of taking the images and putting them into a json format to then spread out across the other pages and be able to call them and make them appear there.

The final goal is to have this store component hold all the images to then call them through a dropdown menu to then make them appear on a different page.

Thank you for any help. I am excited to work with Dash!

Depending on the filesize of each file, you may quickly reach the browswer memory limit with just a few files. You will be able to store signifcantly more files using AWS S3 (free-tier exists) and the boto3 python library makes interaction very easy.

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Alright, thank you very much