Using input from textbox to set value for multipage app


I’m looking to pass some values I have from a callback into a page in python. Unfortunately in my case “feds” is not defined from the callback. Do I need to make a class in order for this to work properly? I’ve pasted the two snippets of that portion of code. Below is the page itself, that should use feds to make a table.

updatesDats = html.Div([



        html.H6('Update News/HSR here',
        className = 'gs-header gs-text-header padded'),


        html.Div(dcc.Input(id='input-box', type='text')),

        html.Button('Submit', id='button'),

             children='Enter a value and press submit'),

         html.Table(make_dash_table(feds), style={'width':800, 'overflowX': 'wordwrap', 'height': 600, 'overflowY': 'scroll', 'display':'inline-block'}),

        ], className ="twelve columns")

    ], className ="row")

], className ="page")

This is the def, that has a callback which returns values from a button. (IE user inputs “NXPI” and then on button press the input is stored as value, which I pass in here.

def bloomberg_values(value):
        sid = value
        events = ['TRADE', 'AT_TRADE']
        dte = pd.tseries.offsets.BDay(-1).apply(
        start = pd.datetime.combine(dte, datetime.time(13, 30))
        end = pd.datetime.combine(dte, datetime.time(13, 35))
        feds = LocalTerminal.get_intraday_tick(sid, events, start, end, include_condition_codes=True).as_frame()
        return feds