Using greek letter in surface name and colorbar name

I’m making a 3D surface plot and I wish to use greek letter alpha to set the name of the surface and its colorbar. Below is the code I’m using:

surf2 = dict(z=haf, showscale=True,
opacity=0.8, showlegend=True, type=‘surface’,
name=’\H Alpha’,
colorbar=go.ColorBar(x=-0.5, title=’\H Alpha’,tickmode=‘auto’,nticks=6, titleside=‘top’))
I also tried several other ways to display the greek letter (like using ‘alpha’ instead of ‘Alpha’, and changing the locations of ‘$’ and ‘\’), but they just didn’t work. And the colorbars cannot get aligned…which is not a problem if I just use a normal string without formatting stuff. A screenshot is below:

So what’s wrong? Can anyone help? Thank you very much!

Got it by doing title=$H\\alpha$

is it really working in python? But its not on javascript