Using dash_core_components Dropdown as an AG Grid cell editor

That works for sure. You kind of lose which row you’re on but it does fix the problem. I think best case is the Select-menu-outer would switch to be above the current cell if there’s not enough room for it. Similar to React Select. That might actually be an idea. With the ReactDOM.render that we’re using here we might be able to just render a React Select

You could, but does it work within the grid the same way as it does a document?

Yeah would need looking into. And ignore about React Select, it’s not React Select that has the behaviour by default, only Mantine Select

Yes, dmc does handle that more smoothly for sure.

If you wanted to add a listener for scrolling, you could. But honestly, its unnecessary. XD

Yeah I had a look at how it’s done in here, looking at the dropdownPosition variable, it’s not a quick one to sort haha