Use .scss files instead of .css file for Dash

Hello, I’ve been trying to figure out the best ways to style a Dash app, and I’m honestly not good at styling and front end development, hence why I’m using dash to help me out. Anyway on the Dash Bootstrap Components page they recommend using the styles found on Bootswatch however these .css documents are very large and difficult to comprehend. I noticed that I could also download these styles in a .scss format which seems much more simple and something I could comprehend with less time invested. However it seems Dash doesn’t work with .scss format or maybe I need to do something more than just put the files into an asset folder to get it to work. Anyone know how to get .scss to work?

.scss is sass - which needs to be compiled to .css for browsers to be able to understand it.

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Thank you Alex! I just had a poor understanding of what sass was it seems.