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Usage of Gantt Charts in Jupyter Labs and Google Colaboratory

Dear all,

I have been playing with Plotly Gantt charts in both frameworks Jupyter Notebooks and Google Colaboratory.

When I tried to used the Gantt samples with a dataframe read from a .csv or an Excel file, I got the an error due to the usage of .ix in the module. This error only arose in Colaboratory not in Jupyter Notebook. The .ix usage has been deprecated from pandas version 1.0.0, and in the line 49 is still used.

I switched from Pandas version 1.0.3 to the old one 0.25.3 and I was able to plot properly the Gantt charts in Colaboratory, so it is clear a problem of updating the function in order to make it work with updated Pandas version.

Best Regards.

Well I reply to myself.

In lastest Plotly version 4.6.0 the line 49 has been already changed from .ix to .iloc, so in order to make it work in Colaboratory you only need to install both latests plotly and pandas versions and all Gantt plots will work without problem.

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