URL Static/Dynamic Routing

I have a bit of a curious situation and not sure if Dash will be able to achieve what I am attempting. I’m currently running a Dash app which has several parameters that users select which then display images. Currently no state is saved across the application. What I am trying to achieve is to have a static/dynamic URL routing where the selected parameters are saved, and can be copied via a button on the page, when a user routes to the dynamic URL it auto populates the input fields but clears the URL so for example.

The main app URL = www.myapp.com
Routed URL saved via a button on the page = 应用宝官网

So when a user is given the ‘shared’ url they can route to that page which will be autopopulated based on the query params, and then the url will be cleared back to the main app url. Any opinions and thoughts would be appreciated.