Updating graph after each drop-down selection where drop-downs used to filter data

Hi there…I’m very new to dash and fairly new to python too. Kindly help me to get this functionality.

My question is how would you update a graph after each drop-downs’ selection where drop-downs are being used for filtering data based on columns in the data.

Suppose there are 3 dropdowns which have 3 different columns’ unique values from a dataset and upon selection of first dropdown it filters the data according to the selection made and plots a graph having x and y axis from different columns (may or may not be the dropdown columns) and the selected dropdown filter. The same it should do after each selection from other dropdowns.

Kindly provide me with a sample solution code which enables this functionality.

Thanks in advance.

See https://plot.ly/dash/getting-started-part-2, the last example includes a couple of dropdowns and does filtering. I recommend carefully going through the entire user guide, starting with https://plot.ly/dash/getting-started and running each of the examples on your own machine and making small modifications so that you understand how the code works.
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