Updating df with callback


I am a little new with Dash, and I am trying to build a dashboard using the getting started part. I would like to use a callback to update a data frame. The format would be, the user inputs an id, and it returns a data frame queried from a server.
This data frame would be used to compute plots in the dashboard, so it would need to be a “global” data frame).

I don’t want to send a query every time as it is quite long, is there a way to do this ? (apologies if this has been answered before, I haven’t found the answer).

I hope this is clear enough,


I recommend checking this chapter out in the user guide: Dash Documentation & User Guide | Plotly


yep thanks.
So let’s say i use a state call back to update my data frame.

How can I use another call back to update subsequent plots? (that’s the part that’s not exactly clear to me)

Thanks for the answer !