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Updatemenu for plotly.graph_objects.Isosurface and plotly.graph_objects.Surface

I’m struggling to figure out how to use updatemenu to update plotly.graph_objects.Isosurface and plotly.graph_objects.Surface content in my plots.

I guess my main issue is, that I cannot find documention describing how to use “args”.

My attempt is on the form:

fig = go.Figure(data=go.Surface(...))

slice0 = [go.Isosurface(...)]

                                                                  args=["none", []]),
                                                             dict(label="Slice 0",
                                                                  args=["isosurface", slice0]),

plotly.offline.plot(fig, filename=path_figures+'with_toggle.html', include_mathjax='cdn')

Some help on how to use this functionality would be highly appreciated.

Does this tutorial help? If not, could you please give more details on how you want to do the animation (what are your frames etc.)?

No, unfortunately not.

I want to make a figure that includes an Isosurface and a Surface (and any other kinds of elements in future figures). And then I want to include buttons, that can switch each of them on/off.