Update textArea with dropdown

what am I doing wrong here? This works for datatables…not for textAreas though

dcc.Store(id = 'memory-output-conditions'),

    id = 'conditions',
    placeholder = 'Acquisition Conditions, Percent Buyout',
    style = text_area_style,
    spellCheck = True,

  @app.callback(Output('memory-output-conditions', 'value'),
                  [Input('my-dropdown', 'value')])
    def filter_conditions(deal_ids_selected):
        if not deal_ids_selected:
            return regulationList.iloc[-1:].loc[:, regulationList.columns != 'deal_id'].to_dict('rows')

    filtered = regulationList.query('deal_id in @deal_ids_selected')
    filtered = filtered['condition']

    return filtered

@app.callback(Output('conditions', 'value'),
              [Input('memory-output-conditions', 'value')])
def on_data_set_table(value):
    if value is None:
        raise PreventUpdate
    return value

I am having the same issue at this current time and was wondering if you ever found out why your code was not working.

HI @Wooden_Kludge

The reason why the code above didn’t work is probably because dcc.Store does not have a prop called value . (Although this would be a better name since it would be consistent with other components.) With dcc.Store, the data is stored in the property called data

So it might work if the callbacks were changed to:
Output('memory-output-conditions', 'data')


Input('memory-output-conditions', 'data')

If this is not the same issue you are having, feel free to post a minimal example of your code.

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All I am trying to do is update a text area so that the text area holds values and updates with a change in the dropdown.