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Update dash app daily

Hi everyone, I’ve made a dashboard for Covid 19 situation in Italy.
The app is hosted on Heroku (free plan) and embedded in an iframe on my site. link
I need to update the dashboard data one time a day, at 18:00.
The data is taken from a .csv file hosted on Github tha is updated daily.
How can I update my dashboard automatically?
Currently the data is updated when the app is suspended due to inactivity (after 30 min) or by restarting the app directly from Heroku.
But I’m looking for a better solution to automatically update the data.

Check this:

Or this work of Ann Marie:

Thanks for mentioning my my new “dash-more-components” repo! Please note that it’s still a work in progress and it’s not published yet. I still have to do some tests, and finish creating the new datetime picker. But stay tuned - when it’s ready, I’ll make a post in Show & Tell. :slight_smile:

Cool, but I don’t want to use a callback for now.
I went for a simpler solution, putting the app layout inside a function as described here.
The impact on my dashboard performance seems very low, so for the moment seems to be fine.