Update chart with new data doesn't work

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to follow the example in http://help.plot.ly/add-data-to-the-plotly-grid/ to modify the data in a chart and not have to recreate it from scratch. Two things seem not to be working. First one is, when I save a plot, it doesn’t create a sister grid with same name and “grid” appended at the end of its name. Second, when in the plot I click on view data, this simply opens an unnamed grid which is not linked to that chart (therefore making any changes doesn’t affect the chart).

Maybe others have had a similar issue or know what I’m doing wrong.

Great tool by the way.


After reading the help files, I have also not been able to figure out how to update a chart with new data without creating another chart from scratch.

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Wanting to know that as well.

Here is a tutorial for updating a chart with new data:

Does this help?

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the link. I had seen it and tried it out but it hadn’t worked, but it gives us more concrete info to discuss.

The exact problem where the tutorial and “reality” differ is in that I haven’t found that saving a plot automatically produces a grid named “Name_of_plot Grid”. From memory I think I tried renaming a grid to match a plot and it didn’t work, but perhaps I did something wrong there.

I’ll try renaming a grid and following the steps from there as soon as I get a chance, which shouldn’t be long.