Update 3D line plot with multiple line

so I have plotted a 3d plot with this data, with a,b,c some array
type: ‘scatter3d’,
mode : “lines+markers”,
x: a,
y: b,
z: c},

Now lets say I have the data for 5 different 3d line lets say like [a1,b1,c1] , [a2,b2,c2]…[a5,b5,c5] . all a,b,c 's are arrays. How do I update the plot to now show those 5 different 3d plot. I think I have to use the restyle command i.e https://plot.ly/javascript/plotlyjs-function-reference/#plotlyrestyle but I can’t figure out the update variable .

by doing:

Plotly.restyle(gd, {
  x: [
    [/* new x coords for 1st trace */],
    [/* new x coords for nth trace */]
  y: [
    [/* new y coords for 1st trace */],
    [/* new y coords for nth trace */]
  z: [
    [/* new z coords for 1st trace */],
    [/* new z coords for nth trace */]
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I’m using this
Plotly.restyle(graph, {‘x’: [
‘y’: [
‘z’: [

but this just plot one line not 3.

by line do you mean a line trace or a line segment?

I mean like 3 seperate lines not connected to each other.

So , it turns out if I start the plot with N line then only I can update N line data like this

var data=[]
for (var i = 0; i < 46; i++) {
        type: 'scatter3d',
        mode : "markers+lines",
        x: a,
        y: b,
        z: c,
        marker : {
          size : 1.9,
          color : "#1f77b4"
        line :{
          color : '#ff7f0e'
        hoverinfo : "x+y+z"}

I created an account just to say that this was the fix I had been looking for. Thanks etienne!
I am updating a 3d surface plot. X and Y were 1d and Z was 2d when creating the graph initially, but I need to wrap them all in an additional array when updating.