Uncaught TypeError on customized action bar

Hello ,
I customized Mode Action bar i replaced the icon with new icon code is given below

const ModeBarButtons = require('plotly.js/src/components/modebar/buttons.js');
const ModeBarIcons = {...someIconObject}
export const modeBarConfig = {
  displayModeBar: true,
  displaylogo: false,
  modeBarButtons: [
      name: 'Zoom In',
      icon: ModeBarIcons.zoomIn,
      attr: ModeBarButtons.zoomIn2d.attr,
      val: ModeBarButtons.zoomIn2d.val,
      click: ModeBarButtons.zoomIn2d.click,
      name: 'Zoom Out',
      icon: ModeBarIcons.zoomOut,
      attr: ModeBarButtons.zoomOut2d.attr,
      val: ModeBarButtons.zoomOut2d.val,
      click: ModeBarButtons.zoomOut2d.click,
      name: 'Pan',
      attr: ModeBarButtons.pan2d.attr,
      val: ModeBarButtons.pan2d.val,
      icon: ModeBarIcons.pan,
      click: ModeBarButtons.pan2d.click,
      name: 'Reset',
      icon: ModeBarIcons.reset,
      attr: ModeBarButtons.autoScale2d.attr,
      val: ModeBarButtons.autoScale2d.val,
      click: ModeBarButtons.autoScale2d.click,
      name: 'Download',
      icon: ModeBarIcons.download,
      title: ModeBarButtons.toImage.title,
      click: ModeBarButtons.toImage.click,

But while the component mounted first time and i clicked on zoom-in or zoom-out button am getting one Uncaught TypeError and functionality is not working also

`Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'node' of undefined
at Object.drawing.bBox (index.js?83d1:904)
at SVGGElement.eval (axes.js?0642:1882)
at eval (plotly.js?f794:17485)
at d3_selection_each (plotly.js?f794:17491)
at Array.d3_selectionPrototype.each (plotly.js?f794:17484)
at fixLabelOverlaps (axes.js?0642:1876)
at Object.lib.syncOrAsync (index.js?fc26:353)
at drawLabels (axes.js?0642:2038)
at Object.axes.doTicksSingle (axes.js?0642:2254)
at eval (axes.js?0642:1546)`

when i click on reset and then click on these button the issue is not coming.
Any idea why this error is coming ?