Unable to set order of rows in Data Table

Looks like row names are sorted alphabetical by default. Is there a way to order the rows based on a list of names?

Not sure I understand. Without sorting, rows are displayed in the order in which the entries appear in the data prop. Did you mean columns instead? If that’s the case, you can configure the order in which the columns appear with the columns prop like here.

If that’s not what you meant, do you have an example of the behavior you are experiencing and what you are trying to achieve? Thanks!

No I mean rows. I am attempting to define the order by which the rows in the dataframe are displayed. Sorting would not have the desired outcome (I believe) because the desired outcome is not alphabetical.

Happy to provide an example when I get into work.

Table is below. I would like to have the order of these rows to be set by an index instead of simply alphabetically. I’m not seeing any option for this within Data Table functionality. Am I missing something?