Unable to pan the plot


I’m having issues with panning the plot. I have the following layout, and zooming works fine, but whenever i try to move around with the “pan” feature, the plot just resets to its initial position. It looks like its dragging the plot, and not the axis.

I’m using the react-plotly package

layout config looks like this:

    width: config?.layout?.width || 620,
    height: config?.layout?.height || 420,
    title: document.name,
    xaxis: {
      title: xLabel,
      showgrid: true,
      zeroline: true,
      range: config?.layout?.xaxis?.range || [],
    yaxis: {
      title: yLabel,
      showgrid: true,
      zeroline: true,
      range: config?.layout?.yaxis?.range || [],