Unable To Disable scrollZoom on scattermapbox

Is there a way to disable a scattermapbox’s scrollZoom. I have tried the config attribute as show below.

            id = "mapbox",
            figure= go.Figure(
                        type = "scattermapbox",
                        lat = lats,
                        lon = lons,
                        mode = "markers",
                        marker = dict(size=200,color='rgb(242, 177, 172)',opacity=0.3),
                        text = text
                layout= dict(
                    autosize = True,
                    hovermode = "closest",
                    margin = dict(l = 0, r = 0, t = 0, b = 0),
                    showlegend = False,
                    mapbox = dict(
                        accesstoken = mapbox_access_token,
                        bearing =0,
                        center = dict(lat = 25.2489, lon = 55.3061),
                        style = "dark",
                        pitch = 0,
                        zoom = 2.5,
                        layers = [],
            style = {"height": "100%"},
            config={'scrollZoom': False,'displayModeBar': False}

But unfortunately, it does not work. I have tried using multiple other options from the list and all others seem to work such as the display mode bar in the above example. Its just the scrollZoom on the scattermapbox. Any help ?

This is an issue for me as well. The scrollZoom is disabled on my laptop via mouse wheel, but there appears to be no effect on my mobile device. When scrolling on my mobile, the map pans/zooms normally. I’m trying to make my app accessible for the visually impaired. It would be nice if they could zoom in as far as they need to and still zoom out. As it is now, if someone zooms in too far to the map, they can’t zoom back out because they’re just zooming out on the map and not the page.

Additionally, setting the layout config’s ‘staticPlot’ to true allows the user to scroll up/down the page properly, but they’re unable to pinch-zoom in/out from the map. The user must scroll above or below the map before a pinch-zoom in/out will work.