Unable to debug in PyCharm

Bit of a weird one, and not sure where to start looking to be honest… so maybe someone will know…

Since recently upgrading DASH to version 2.1 (from a 1.x version), I am unable to debug my dash app in PyCharm (by which I mean: setting breakpoints and being able to trace the code and check variable values).

Any idea?

Hi @Wabiloo
Thank you for reporting this.
Can you please provide more info; perhaps screenshots, gifs, or error messages that you’re getting.

I’d love to, but that’s the thing; there’s nothing. The code runs normally, no errors or warning in the PyCharm console, or the DASH debug overlay. It just does not stop at breakpoints in the code, forcing me to put print statements everywhere when I want to check variable values during runtime (which I would normally do with stepping in the code line by line).

OK, after much searching of StackOverflow, I finally found the issue.
I had enabled “Gevent compatible” in the debugger settings in PyCharm (because I have another part of the code that is doing multiprocessing, which is helped by enabling this). Disabling it fixed it and I can now trace happily.

Credit where credit is due: python 2.7 - Pycharm debugger does not stop on breakpoints - Stack Overflow (although it’s not specific to Python 2.7, I am using 3.7)