UIRevision not propagating to traces selected in legend

Hey team, thanks for an amazing product. We’re trying to track down a bug that is causing isolated trace selection via clicking legend entries to get erroneously reset to show all traces on redraw when we push new data to the react plotly chart via props. This is despite uirevision being set in the layout attribute and zoom and a whole bunch of other user-interactions being persisted successfully via the uirevision flag - its just the isolated trace selection being impacted. The below screenshot shows how we’ve configured the layout

We use plotly via functional react, and I suspect that although uirevision is set, the trace somehow gets fully reset (I see in the debugger that flags.fullReplot gets set despite the data not changing, is this normal?)

I wanted to ask for help to see if you’ve ever seen this kind of behavior before, or know where the best place to start debugging this would be?

Thank you,

Please close this topic - was able to figure out a solution. Thanks all!