Uirevision + mapbox

is uirevision working properly with mapbox?

It looks very straigh forward but I am having issues trying to apply it.

I also find it odd that its a parameter in 3 different places;

  • go.Scattermapbox has an uirevision parameter
  • go.Layout has an uirevision parameter
  • go.layout.Mapbox has an uirevision parameter

I tried setting all three to True
I tried setting all three to a variable
I tried setting just a single one

No luck with any combination

Code snippet (in case i am doing something silly/wrong):

Hi @epattaro - late reply here, but in principle this should work. What version of plotly.js do you have? I know prior to v1.44 this had a bug but it should work in later versions.

Re: all the different uirevision attributes - for most use cases all you need to use is layout.uirevision - that’s the top-level one that all the others inherit from.

The only reason you’d need to use the others is for more granular control - the one in the trace controls a few trace things like whether it’s hidden by clicking the legend… the one in mapbox controls just the view for that map - if you have other subplots and you want to reset some but not others, you could use that one.