UI improvement of interactive plot


I’m using Plotly (Python + Cufflinks) to output this kind of graph
(using Pandas DataFrame iplot method)


it could be a nice UI improvement to have interface react on legend mouse over.

When mouse is over a legend the corresponding graph could highlighted.

I don’t know if that an improvement or if it’s currently possible (hacking a bit with JS) but that’s a feature which should probably be enabled by default.

Kind regards

PS : this plot have been generated using the following code

import pandas as pd
pd.set_option("max_rows", 10)  # affichage limité à 10 lignes

# import plotly.plotly as py
# import plotly.graph_objs as go
from plotly.offline import iplot, init_notebook_mode

import cufflinks as cf

N = 3
rng = pd.timedelta_range(start="0h", freq="15min", periods=3)
df = pd.DataFrame({"a": [1,2,3], "b": [1,3,2], "c": [4,5,6]}, index=rng)
df.index = df.index.total_seconds() / 60


PS2: I noticed that double clicking on a legend item isolate a plot but highlighting (changing width of plot) may be a better way to see a plot without ignoring context (ie other plots)