TypeError: sunburst() got an unexpected keyword argument 'path'

Hello Guys,
I am trying to get sunburst graph using this code:

import plotly.express as px
fig = px.sunburst(netflix, path=[‘Type’,‘Maturity’,‘Rating’], values=‘Count’)

But getting the Error:
TypeError: sunburst() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘path’

Somewhere I read to install plotly 4.5.2, however getting the same error
please help me.

The path argument to px.sunburst was indeed introduced in version 4.5.0 so you’ll need to upgrade past that. The latest version is 4.8.2 :slight_smile:

Thank you :grinning:

I did it but does not work

@Alfonso The latest version now is 4.14.3 so try pip install plotly==4.14.3 and then run your code.

great!!, thanks a lot!
Do you think other functions that I am using from plotly are still working?
i think i’m going to run ‘pip install’ before the specific dash where I use sunburst function

If you just run pip install it won’t update the existing package on your system.
Use the pip install <package_name> --upgrade command, also you can check the latest version on PyPi for Plotly and Dash.

The problem is not my system, indeed in jupyter it works perfectly, this problem is that I am delivering to my clients through google colab, and it is precisely there it did not work.
As you already know in colab, it is necessary to install many packages each time you start a session because they are not available.
I already tried it and it went very well, I thank you very much.