Tutorial for using Dash inside of Jupyter

A number of examples on how to use Dash inside of Jupyter for rapid GUI prototyping: https://github.com/4Quant/DashIntro

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Very sweet!
For some reason the output cells weren’t showing up for me on mybinder:

Unfortunately Binder doesn’t support port-forwarding of the Dash (just the jupyter), but if you run it locally / using Docker it works

(This post comes up first when you search “Dash Jupyter”, so I’m reviving it with some more resources).

We’re looking into creating a JupyterLab extension that makes development a more seamless experience. Here’s an issue and a GIF: https://github.com/plotly/dash/issues/209#issuecomment-434006696

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Any progress on this to make it work smoothly in JupyterHub and JupyterLab?