Trying to embed image in dashboard

I am trying to embed an image into my dashboard with the following:

html.Img(className="imgur-embed-pub", src='//',
         alt='Matplotlib Line Graph',

However it doesn’t embed the image.

Is this code not correctly formatted?

Hi @geds133 the src parameter does not look like a valid image URL. Could you check by pasting in a browser address bar?

Thanks for the reply. I changed the source to

src='//' which should be a valid URL but still doesn’t show. Does the URL work when it is in your address bar?

The valid url is The URL you shared is a URL of a full html page not the one of an image file.

It will not let me comment on the post I removed at: express choropleth map

But it is essentially a duplicate of: Blank chorpleth map with Plotly express which is why it was deleted.

In terms of the image scr, I have replaced it now with src='' but the image is still not showing.