Trigger callback on page load, but not app load

As I understand it, Dash triggers all callbacks on app load, and then again when a particular page is visited (in the case of a multi-page app).

I would like a particular callback to trigger if and only if a particular page is visited, but not on app load (meaning when the parent app starts up), to prevent unnecessary overhead.

I am able to prevent a callback from triggering on app load by setting prevent_initial_call=True, but this also prevents it from triggering when the particular app (within the multi-page app) is visited.

How can I get a particular callback to trigger by default on page load, but not app load? I don’t have any inputs in the layout to set as an Input for the callback.

I believe that if I just put the code that I would like to execute outside of the callback and the layout, that it will execute on both app and page load, right?