Trigger a click on html.A() from callback

I read below post and learnt about how to link to external site:

In the post the external site opened from a click on the link (html.A) performed by human.
Is it possible to programmatically trigger the link, say from a callback?

The ultimate goal i tried to achieve is to allow external site being opened when user clicks on a graph(which trigger some callbacks).


I don’t think that you would be able to open a new page (as the browser would block it as a popup), but you might be able to have your callback update the path of a dcc.Location

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I need this solution. :wink:

I have a Dash multipage application. When the user click in a Bar, in a Graph, I need that a another dashboard in a different page be open in a new Tab Windows in the Browser.

Is it possbile?


Hi all, did this limitation improve afterward?