TREEMAP: setting colors in sub-groups to a continuous grading based on value within group (Outer colors should retain initial grading)

Hi All Im trying to assign color grading to the following treemap plot. I wish to assign a “greying” of the colors in the leaf nodes based on a value to be placed in the data section. How can I acheive this yet retain the initial color-layout?

Plotly.d3.csv(‘’, function(err, rows){
function unpack(rows, key) {
return { return row[key]});
var data = [{
type: “treemap”,
ids: unpack(rows, ‘ids’),
labels: unpack(rows, ‘labels’),
parents: unpack(rows, ‘parents’),

var layout={
height: 1400,
hovermode: “closest”,
width: 2200,
Plotly.newPlot(‘LearningDiv’, data,layout );

Also see