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Treemap limitations

Treemap is so much more proportionally intuitive than bar plots, which is the aim of visualization; to enable humans to rapidly perform unsupervised learning on complex data.

It would be nice to be able to zoom on a treemap to see smaller points. Like my friends in Iceland.

It would be nice to fit more points in the treemap. It fails after a certain number of points, so I can’t use this for dynamic user input because they will think my code is bugged.

^ looks like someone else had the same problem: Plotly Treemap Returns Blank - Stack Overflow

If there is only 1 parent, it would be nice to toggle its presence or have examples in the docs on how to change its color. The parent’s color distracts from the points.

Especially when there are many bar entries. It is a poor use of space. I don’t want to pie chart.