Treemap Coloring

Dear Plotly Community,

I am struggling a little to color a treemap the way I would like it to be.

TLDR: I would like to color multiple levels in a treemap

Here is a sample of the data:

Office          State    Region         Country        Super Region       All
office 1        IL        Midwest        US               Central                all
office 2        TX       South           US               Central                all

This goes for about 80 rows all with different regions, countries, and super regions.

Right now I have the Treemap coloring on Region with the color_discrete_map attribute:

px.treemap(hierarchy_df, path=[“All”,“Country”,“Super Region”,“Region”,“State”],
width = 1800, height = 800, color = “Region”,

I do like that because Region is the area I want to draw the viewer’s eye too.

I am wondering if I can do the same coloring I did to Region to another level in the data (Super Region).

I tried using the color attribute twice but it is saying it can’t be repeated.