Top Community Contributors - December 2022

Dear Community Members,
:tada: We’d like to give a shoutout to our top Forum contributors for the month of December.

Thank you for making this community a thriving and welcoming place to learn Plotly and Dash.

:dancer: Topics Created: Thank you to @marvy @rictuar @beginof @Max3 @Oladayo for actively creating topics and adding content to the Forum.

:zap: Replies Posted: Thank you to @jinnyzor @AIMPED @beginof @AnnMarieW @jcuypers for consistently helping others and enriching the community with more knowledge.

:face_with_monocle: Posts Read: Thank you to @AIMPED @jinnyzor @AnnMarieW @jcuypers @dash-beginner for being our most avid readers, helping us ensure that every community post gets seen.

:exploding_head: Days Visited: Thank you to @Emil @RenaudLN @AnnMarieW @r-beginners @michaelwise @AIMPED @jinnyzor for making this community part of your everyday lives.

:teacher: Solutions: Congratulations to @jinnyzor @AIMPED @AnnMarieW @nedned @tcbegley for being our top Plotly puzzle solvers, saving the community hours of research and study.

:heart: Likes Received: Congratulations to @jinnyzor @AIMPED @AnnMarieW @Emil for being our most beloved community members.

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You should include yourself sometimes :hugs: