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Tooltip options debounce

Is there a way to add a debounce to show the hover tooltip after 500ms for example?

Hmm. I’m not sure I understand your question.

You’re trying to show the hover tooltip 500ms after what exactly?

Hi @etienne. I just looked at my question and I could see how it’s confusing. Oops!

What I wanted to see is if you hover over a point in a scatterplot, can we programmatically choose to show the hover text to appear only when the cursor hovers over that point after a delay of 500ms (or any number we choose)? Instead of the current behavior which is to immediately show the hover text?

Hmm. There might be a way to do this using the semi-official Plotly.Fx.hover (which I can’t find docs on at the moment).

One thing is sure, the upcoming persistent stateful hover labels will make this a whole lot easier.

great thanks :slight_smile: I’m interested to see the docs for this when you find it