Tooltip_data not working on dash datatable

Here is my code, I am trying to read a pandas data frame and upload it into dash data table.
I tried to use the Ellipses and Tooltip functionality but somehow tooltip is not working for me.
Please help me in running this (Variable Table is a pandas data frame)

import dash
import dash.dependencies as dd
import dash_core_components as dcc
import dash_html_components as html
from dash.dependencies import Input, Output, State
import dash_bootstrap_components as dbc
import dash_table
import pandas as pd

from navbar import Navbar
nav = Navbar()
from app import app

import fig_prep_code

df = pd.DataFrame()

output = dbc.Container(children =[
dbc.Col(html.H3(“User Emails”),width=10),
dbc.Col(dbc.Button(“Click Me”,id=‘Emails_submit’,outline=True, color=“dark”),align = ‘right’)
],align = ‘center’),
columns = [{‘name’: i, ‘id’: i} for i in df.columns],
‘overflow’: ‘hidden’,
‘textOverflow’: ‘ellipsis’,
‘textAlign’: ‘left’,
‘maxWidth’: ‘0’,
column: {‘value’: str(value), ‘type’: ‘markdown’}
for column, value in row.items()
} for row in df.to_dict(‘rows’)
fixed_rows={‘headers’: True}

def MAILS():
layout = html.Div([nav,output])
return layout

@app.callback([Output(‘table’, ‘data’),
Output(‘table’, ‘columns’),
Output(‘table’, ‘rows’)],
Input(‘Emails_submit’, ‘n_clicks’)],
State(‘select_all’, ‘value’),
State(‘folder_picker’, ‘value’),
State(‘employee_picker’, ‘value’),
State(‘search_string’, ‘value’),
State(‘search_options’, ‘value’),
State(‘NSFW’, ‘value’),
State(‘Money’, ‘value’),
State(‘Order’, ‘value’),
State(‘outside_from’, ‘value’),
State(‘outside_to’, ‘value’),
State(‘group_mail’, ‘value’),
State(‘flag_condition’, ‘value’),
State(‘Sentiment’, ‘value’),
State(‘date_picker’, ‘start_date’),
State(‘date_picker’, ‘end_date’)
def update_figure_mail(n_clicks,select_all,folder,selected_employee,search_keyword,search_options,NSFW,Money,Order,outside_from,outside_to,group_mail,flag_condition,Sentiment,start_date, end_date):
Table, Year, DOW, Hour,To, Folder,number_emails,chart_from = fig_prep_code.graph(select_all,folder,selected_employee,search_keyword,search_options,NSFW,Money,Order,outside_from,outside_to,group_mail,flag_condition,Sentiment,start_date, end_date)

Table['Comments'] = ''
df = Table

return Table.to_dict('records'), [{"name": i, "id": i} for i in Table.columns], Table.to_dict('rows')