To update graphs automatically

I have data in my google drive which is updated regularly. But once I download it , I can only create graphs and dashboard using that data only.

I want my dashboard to update as soon as I press refresh button according to latest data.
Please let me know how can I do that.

Hi @pooja

I don’t understand your explanation, the refresh button is in the dashboard ? could you explain a little bit? :thinking:

Sure @Eduardo
Let me explain by giving an example
I have some data in my google sheet drive which is maintained by some backend team. I have to make dashboard out of this data.
I want my dashboard to show recent data.
If I download the sheet and create the dashboard then it will not get updated.


There is some methods to interact between Python and Goggle Sheets using the google API (Eg. How to Use Google Sheets in Python - YouTube), then you need to create a callback that verify if the sheet was changed and download.