To Plotly staff

I am in a process of discovering the Plotly.js technology. That means I am working on a real project for my company but we haven’t bought a technical support yet because I am not sure that Plotly is the technology we are gong to go with. How am I supposed to do all the discoveries if I am not getting any support here? I understand it’s a free product and a forum is a place for volunteers, but I think Plotly staff should visit here more often to help newcomers with basic questions so we can get better understanding of the technology and can be more certain to present the technology to the senior management. I have done a number of discoveries like this and it’s a bit annoying to see that messages are not getting answered at all. I like Plotly so far and will convince my management to use it, but I need to get through the basic stuff a bit faster and start evaluating advanced features that our predictive analytics trend package will have alot of.


So basically you’re saying you expect Plotly staff to provide more free support for an open-source product for the promise of possibly paying up for commercial support? Can you provide some form of financial plan how these resources should be covered financially or do you expect Plotly staff to do it in their free time? :roll_eyes:

I am about in the same spot as you, I discovered Plotly about two weeks ago, but except for very few questions I found out everything I needed by googling, reading the docs and trial&error.
Except for my newest question every of those few questions I had either was answered or I could find an answer by myself. This way I could produce more than enough examples to present to my team; there’s nothing missing for you to do the same, it’s all there on the internet.

To plotly staff: Please keep bugfixing and extending Plotly while providing a good documentation. Please do not overspend time needed for doing the above by providing too much free support for impatient people. :confused: Thanks for being there at all, even if it may take some time, because that’s more than we as a community working with free stuff should expect IMHO.