Time Series Animation X Axis does not reset


I’m trying to use the animate function on a Time Series plot and the animation is working, but it doesn’t slide the X Axis values to match the new range – even when autorange is set to true in the layout. Is it possible to animate the layout to move to match the new X Axis as well, without specifying the min/max value to the range? How would this work with multiple X Axis?


Thanks for reporting!

Could you try sharing a reproducible example to helps us debug?

Sure, I probably should’ve done that in the first place, sorry!



Yeah we don’t allow animating trace coordinates AND axis ranges at the same time at the moment unfortunately.

See https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/issues/1687 for more info.

That said, adding redraw:false to the animation options should get you the updated axis range after the animation is completed. This doesn’t appear to work right now. I’ll keep investigating.