"text" annotation for dendrograms

Is it possible to define custom text annotation for dendrograms?

For ex. it just shows the (x, y) value on hover as shown below, but I need to add another field like (x, y, “some text”).

I tried to dig the source a bit and I think “text” argument can be added at this Scatter instance to do what I described above. But I’m not sure if that’s correct or there’s already a way to do it.

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@parulsethi Can you please share how you got it to show the (x, y) annotation in the first place?

Found it:
fig.update_traces(hoverinfo='x') # or 'y', 'x+y', etc. See docs
Source: https://plot.ly/python/reference/#scatter-hoverinfo

@parulsethi @eliadl any update on this?

What do you mean? @rictuar

nevermind. late at night and misread your last comment. thanks for the reply tho