Tenth chart loses trace names and trace box


I am making some charts of a motor. Pls this is weird it doesn’t show at the right side the trace names and the box itself.
I thinks its some sort of bug. I copy paste a good one from above and put there with the data. It doesnt work.
the nameing follows, trace1, trace2… trace10
could be there some error? I also tried with tracea,traceb in the end instead of 10,11

trace10 = {
        name: "ORIGINAL Turn TQ",
        x: ANGARR,
        y: TQORIG,   
        type: 'scatter'
var layouta = {

hoverlabel: {
  font: {
    size: 30

title: "RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ANGLE AND TORQUE W/WO RPM CORRECTED <br> CENTRAFORCE BASED LOCAL TORQUE<br>(starts at right side to the left and then to the right...) !",

xaxis: { 
  title: "ANGLE (DEGREE)",
  range: [ Math.min.apply(null, ANGARR),Math.max.apply(null, ANGARR)]

yaxis: {
  title: "TORQUE (Newton Meter)",
  range: [ Math.min.apply(null, TQRPMCOR),Math.max.apply(null, TQRPMCOR)]

font: {
    size: 12,
  color: '#000'

BTW in the output code the legend id is not there. So this is some sort of serious bug I think.

Can you please help?

Its solves by using

showlegend: true, in the traces…

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