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Tags in Dash Datatable

Trying to recreate the Tags (Success Metric in the image) from Notion in Dash using dbc, Dash Datatable and pd Dataframe.

I currently have a pd Dataframe with multiple rows consisting of products, many of them repeated across the rows. My attempt is to convert these product names to tags for easy filtering using dropdowns and also for the UI.

By appending all the products to a single list and removing any duplicates, I am able to create a dropdown outside the datatable which interacts with the table using callbacks. But I have yet not been able to recreate the badge look provided in Notion. Right now, all my products are printed in a column as a single sentence separated only by commas, which is not at all intuitive to read.

Does anyone have a clue how could I recreate such a table in Dash, either with Dash Datatable or a Pandas Dataframe?